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Ohio Fall Outdoor Planning

As the summer rounds the corner towards fall, we all look for ways to pack in those final adventures! Well, lucky for us in Ohio, there are so many things to do in the area during the next couple of months.

If you like camping, you are in the right place! With so any campgrounds, Ohio is a spectacular place to explore as the leaves begin to change! Find a great list of them here:

(Or just visit our website and under the "About" tab, select campgrounds)

Boating and water sports are exciting adventures and truthfully, most enjoyable in the summer months. But September is a great time to enjoy uncrowded lakes and reservoirs. Water temperatures are still warm for tubing, surfing, wake-boarding, skiing and swimming. Incredible fishing opportunities are always available as well as "cruising" to enjoy the changing colors.

Other outdoor activities include Motorcycles and ATV's. These are very rewarding activities as the weather cools! There are some amazing roads for motorcycles and some dedicated areas for off-road machines to let loose!

No matter what you enjoy, get out and explore Ohio to find your passion!

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