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Winterizing RV's and Boats

We are located in Ohio, and that means that we get FREEZING conditions here during the winter months. So, since you more than likely will NOT be using your Boat or RV during these months, you REALLY need to prepare it for the cold.

Although many local boat and RV dealers offer this service, should you choose to do it yourself, here are a couple of steps to take:

One of the first things you need to do is separate it from water! Yes, inside and out!

If it's an RV, you need to drain all pipes and (or) fill with RV anti-freeze! Each model has different ways to do this. Follow their guidelines or contact your dealer to get details!

If it's a boat, then you should get it lifted OUT of the water and treat all fuel supplies with stabilizer of some sort.

Next, you need to protect it from other weather elements including rain, snow blowing debris, and believe it or not, SUN! UV rays can do enormous damage to anything left out in the sun. Even if it is in a cold climate, the UV rays will continue to deteriorate the surface of any material! So cover your boat (shrink wrap or indoor storage is best) or RV and make sure tires are covered as well.

Make sure to take this step...keep pests and vermin out! Use whatever method you choose (some are more harsh than others) but just do it! Keep in mind that "traps" don't eliminate the problem, they just stop a coupe poor creatures while the other visitors continue to eat wires and materials inside and out!

These are just the FIRST steps in winterizing! Many other precautions should be taken to protect your investment of fun. Done properly, you will be ready for the first sign of spring and getting your boat or RV back out for another season of outdoor fun!

Contact one of the dealers featured in our show for more guidance and assistance on winterizing your boat or RV.

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