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Don’t get left behind!

The demand for RVs and Boats has never been as big as it has in the past year. And there are no signs of the interest decreasing! The manufacturers have hit record production levels, but still can not keep up with the demand! Everything from State Parks to private facilities have set records with attendance, and many filled reservations months before the season even began last year! People have embraced outdoor activities and it appears that this next year will be even bigger for campgrounds, lakes, and other areas where outdoor enthusiasts travel!

That takes us to the conversation of supply. Not just supply of campsites and places to experience the fun, but the actual campers, boats and other items! If you’re looking for the newest model, or the latest convenience, you may have a tough time finding them as the season approaches. That is precisely why shows like the Ohio RV and Boat Show, play a more important role than ever!

Being able to read about new product is one thing. But actually being able to SEE and touch them is another!

There is nothing like experiencing something in person. The size, comfort and style of products can only be truly appreciated in person. The ability to stand near, sit in, or be next to an RV, boat or ATV can make the difference in your decision for what you may want or desire for the upcoming summer. You may discover that you fit better in a different product than you imagined. You might realize that you prefer one brand over another. You could be surprised to learn that you feel completely different about a style, or color until you saw it in person. That is what a show is all about! The experience!

Because there are many dealerships involved, you will be able to see multiple brands, and a series of models with each brand! This is a great way to weigh differences and compare amenities in the different products.

Now, add to that, pricing. With different dealers, and brands all within a short walk of each other, you can quickly assess the value comparisons! It’s extremely easy to ask for promotions, incentives and special deals that will help you make your decision! Most dealers will do all that they can to secure your business, and at the very least, your awareness of their company and offerings!

The really cool part is that you become educated to what is available in the market and industry. This is especially important in today’s supply climate. What is available today, may not be available at that dealer tomorrow! So it is to your advantage to be able to shop so many dealers in ONE place!

If you wait until the season is in full swing, you may not get what you want, and possibly be forced to settle for LESS than what you really desire…or worse yet, not be able to get it at all!

Don‘t get left behind! There is a world of excitement waiting for you!

We hope to see YOU at the Ohio RV and Boat Show, January 7-16, 2022 in the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus, Ohio!

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