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Don't get left out!

The countdown to summer has begun

Now start planning the family fun

Campgrounds are the place to be

In a tent, a pop-up, or RV

For those who enjoy a pontoon boat

Will find a lake where they can float

Cast a line and make a wish

That you will catch the biggest fish!

Maybe you just like to hike

Or take back roads by motorbike

An ATV may be your style

Find a trail and ride awhile!

No matter what your outdoor fun

Hurry before this show is done!

Golf cars, Kayaks, bass boats too

at this show they're here for you!

The summer will be here before you know it

Plan ahead and please don't blow it

For this show, the end is near

Please don't wait another year!

It's winter now, surrounded by snow

But at the Ohio RV and Boat Show

You'll find your fun and fulfill your dreams

Summer is closer than it seems!

So if you're wondering what to do

Cure cabin fever, don't be blue

It'll be the be best summer, there is no doubt

Plan ahead and don't be left out!

The Ohio RV and Boat Show starts the final week and will continue through Sunday, January 14th! (Nothing rhymes with "14th" so we'll end the poem here!)

Show Hours:

January 10-12 (Wed-Fri )12 noon-8pm

January 13 (Saturday) 10-8

January (14 Sunday) 11am-5pm ​

Hope to see you there!

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