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Are we there yet?

We are in the "sight-seeing season" of Fall in Ohio so this is the time that we might consider touring a local back-road, driving to see fall colors, visit a park for hikes or even venture out for a weekend in a cabin with the family.

Many of these locations are in remote areas without (dare I say it...) internet service! GASP! This is NOT a tragedy, it is more of an opportunity!

Throughout the year, we have so many of these special opportunities to travel, visit and explore places with our kids, so if you have kids and like to travel, then this blog is for you!

When you pack up the family vehicle for a destination like to visiting a state park for some hiking, towing a camper to your favorite grounds, and for warmer days of summer, going to the beach, or heading off for a day of boating, then you already know the most common heard phrase when traveling with children!

"Are we there yet?"

But that's GOOD, because it means that they WANT to go there! Have you ever heard that phrase on the way to a dentist appointment or to school? Embrace the excitement and take the time to "explore" ideas for your destination!

We have compiled some simple ideas to, not only avoid the "Are we there" question, but to add quality planning to your excursion with kids!

You would be surprised to learn what your children's expectations are! Sometime they will educate you on how to play and be a kid again!

Begin with simple imagination exercises. If it is a place that you have been to before, then ask them to describe where you are going. Have them tell you about everything from the parking area, to a favorite tree, field, boat dock, or even a building. (There mind begins to explore the area and they start to visualize these places!)

Then target some specific questions to start the process of imagination to to avoid that repetitive question!

Depending on your destination, the age of your children and the distance (time) you are driving, you can ask many questions. Try some of these questions as "starters" for the ride to your planned event:


What is the tallest tree in the forest?

Do animals live in the trees?

Are there fish in small streams?

How many colors of leaves are there?


Will we build a campfire?

Name some animals we might see.

How many other people are near the campsite?

Do you like ghost stories or music around the campfire?

How late will you stay up?

Is there a full moon tonight?


Do you like tables or blanket on the grass?

What is your favorite dessert?

Will squirrels eat our food?

Did someone bring the Frisbee?


What is the biggest sand castle you've ever seen?

Why are waves bigger on the ocean than a lake?

Do you like swimming or playing in the sand?


Ask how many docks are in the area.

Can you fish from the boat, if so ask how many different fish are in the body of water where you'll be going.

Ask how many seats are in the boat

How fast can the boat go?

RV and Boat Show: (I had to include this as a destination! :-) )

How many campers will we see?

What is the difference between a tow-able camper and a drive able one?

How many boats will we see?

What different types of boats are there?

How many 4-wheelers will we see?

How many Golf Cars will we see?

How many Motorcycles will we see?

Be imaginative! This not only helps take up time, but it lets your understand more clearly what your child's expectations are! You can ask ANY question that pertains to the eventual destination, but keep them "open" so your child can explore the answers!

These question can help you plan your next visit and may provoke new ideas for future trips! It's all about having a good stress-free time with your friends and family and this exercise will certainly help! Besides, you might discover something new about yourself!

We hope to see YOU at the Ohio RV and Boat Show that runs from January 11th, 2019 through the 20th at The Ohio Expo Center. Explore, discover and dream your way through the three enormous buildings FULL of outdoor fun items! Visit our website for more details.


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