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Gift Ideas for the Outdoor Person!

Outdoor Person

The Gift-Giving season is HERE! And now, it is time to SHOP for those gifts! This can be a long process so we are here to help! There's always gift cards...but that's a GREAT way to show them that you just didn't want to spend ANY time shopping for them!

For the person that loves camping, boating, hiking, or just being outside, we have created a list of items that may accelerate your shopping time! You have one on your list, a hard-to-shop-for person that you may not know WHAT to get for them. Well we have done a lot of research and found that there are a LOT of item out there! So we have compiled a gift list that may spark some ideas and lead you to that perfect gift! We have created an Amazon shopping list for a convenient way to get you started, or you can look at our gift list below for just ideas! Gift items can range from stocking stuffers to exotic adventures! Of course we encourage you to visit the Ohio RV and Boat Show for the items like Boats, RV's, ATV's, motorcycles and Golf Cars, but we realize that those don't fit into a stocking or under the tree very well!

So here is a list (by category) that may get you on the way to some Holiday Shopping! There are great books, t-shirts and engraved items in all of these categories, but here are a few more ideas:



Lightweight Backpack

Walking Sticks

Water Bottles


Snack Pack


Fishing Gear


Marine Picnic gear

Mooring Ropes

Water resistant tote bags





Battery Chargers

Bells (ask a biker)


Campfire gear

Bluetooth speakers

Sleeping Bags

Fire Starters


Tarp (fly)


Books about traveling


Custom Coffee Mug

Destination Stickers (for RVs)

Game packs

Adventure seekers:

Adventure kits

Repelling rope

Climbing Gear

Grip gloves

All of the above:

Discount Coupons to the 2019 Ohio RV and Boat Show!

There are so many Gift Ideas and great items for this group of Outdoor enthusiasts that it would take a year of scrolling to see them all! We hope this helps getting you started!

Happy Shopping!

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