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Quarantine in the Wide Open?

This Pandemic has changed where we go, and what we do! It appears that many are camping, boating, hiking, riding motorcycles or other outdoor activities!

Now, with social distancing as a standard, people are leaving the crowded cities and flocking to the outdoor spaces! Campgrounds, parks and marinas across the country are experiencing dynamic increases in attendance. The open spaces are the perfect answer to avoiding close contact.

Some appreciate solitude and getting "in-touch" with nature. They look forward to a quiet walk in the woods, rowing across a lake, or traveling to new sights and destinations.

But that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice seeing people. In fact, you can actually see many people enjoying the very same things that you enjoy. People that share interests are often similar in other activities and therefore are more apt to share common passions. This often times results in meeting new friends!

People have discovered activities that they may have not considered prior to the pandemic. The opportunity to go places and do things that expand your recreational horizons is one of the best ways to get away from the quarantine confinement, and to avoid the pressures encountered in busy retail locations like stores, shopping centers and malls.

This can all be accomplished while still respecting safe distances from others. A passing boat may wave to you and even stop for an "anchor-chat" at a nearby sandbar. Hikers may share stories of trail-sights ahead, from the far side of the path. Campers may stop by to share the ambience of a campfire. Motorcycle riders find great photo opportunities on remote backroads.

Get out and experience open spaces. Find new things to do. Meet new people. Enjoy the new World that we live in! Be it camping, hiking, biking, boating, or even motorcycling, in 2021, grab YOUR piece of the great outdoors!

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